8. All-Poland Rock Music Festival ROCKOWISKO HAJNÓWKA 2016 – July 30, 2016, July 29, 2017

It is one of the largest music events organised in Hajnówka and in the region. Each year, several dozen bands from Poland and abroad (Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, the U.S., Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, and other countries) apply to play at the Festival talent show. To this day, eight editions of the Festival were held, during which over 100 performers played, each time to an audience of several thousand people. The Festival’s atmosphere intends to recall 1980s and 1990s, when rock music was most popular.

During seven editions of the Festival over 500 bands from Poland and abroad applied, and nearly 70 of them played at the Festival talent show.

The winners of the previous editions were: Ściana from Belarus, Re1ikt from Belarus, The Toobes from Belarus, Materia from Szczecinek, Skowyt from Warsaw, Secesja from Rzeszów, Climatt from Brzeg, Kuba Rozpruwacz from Hajnówka, Metaliator from Warsaw, Othermind from Białystok, Królik na uwięzi from Hajnówka, Lincz from Poznań and Londyn 70 from Hajnówka.  The stars performing at the Festival stage included: Farben Lehre, Proletaryat, Cela nr 3, Moskwa, GaGa/Zielone żabki, Armia, Tomek Lipiński &TILT, Sedes i Defekt Muzgó, Sex Bomba, Qulturka, B.N. (Belarus), Relikt (Belarus), Kabanos, Przeciw, Błękitny Nosorożec, The Bill, Sajgon, Alians, Leniwiec, Swobodna.

Organiser: Stowarzyszenie Kulturalne TYBEL, Partner: Museum and Cultural Center of the Belarusian Culture in Hajnówka