Belarusian folklore fairs in villages of eastern Bialystok region “I tam żywuć ludzi”

Within this series, Belarusian folklore fairs are organised in villages of eastern Bialystok region. The folklore fairs have been organised since 2009, and over 50 such events were already held. The aim of this project is to present various forms of Belarusian cultural heritage to people living in small villages, nowadays inhabited mainly by pensioners. Even a small concert of a Belarusian band organised at their village becomes a great, and often the only, cultural event held within last several dozen years, bringing back memories to old people, and showing to younger inhabitants a need to cherish their heritage background.

Each year 6 fairs are held:

June 12, 2016 Koszele (Orla commune) June 26, 2016 Eliaszuki (Narewka commune) August 13, 2016 Kojły (Czyże commune) August 7, 2016 Mokre ( Bielsk Podlaski commune) September 18, 2016 Borysówka (Hajnówka commune) September 24, 2016 Starzyna ( Dubicze Cerkiewne commune); May to September 2017