Forest Districts


Browsk Forest District was established in 1921 and covers the north-eastern part of the Białowieża Forest from that time (now a part of Belarus). It is named after a settlement currently located in the Belarusian part of the Forest. It was reactivated in 1945 within the territory of Poland. In 1973 this District was expanded by joining grounds of Narewka District Forest (earlier, i.e., in 1970, Narewka District Forest was expanded by adding areas of Lacka Forest Districts, remains of Bielsk Forest).
It is the only unit in the State Forests named after a place located outside Poland.
A network of tourist trails waits for tourists travelling around forests and villages of our Forest District. Certainly, one of the most interesting area on that route is the Nature and Forestry Education Park located at the Browsk Forest District in Gruszki, and in particular:

  • a herb garden with a unique Lasovid and the only solar lichen meter in Poland
  • a nature and forestry education centre
  • a golden trail of St. Eustace with a unique chapel inside of a 360 years old dry oak.

Educational activities of Browsk Forest District:
The Nature and Forestry Education Centre is located in Gruszki, besides the offices of Browsk Forest District. The forestry centre in Browsk Forest District is a classroom equipped with appropriate tables for classes and necessary equipment: textbooks, identification keys, atlases, education boards, audiovisual equipment and a PC. It also contains a large collection of specimens facilitating studies on components of the forest environment. However, these are not extremely expensive specimens, but specimens that each student can take into their hand, touch, and view, e.g.,: bracket fungi, leaves, stems, cones, tree and bush fruit, pieces of bark, cross-sections of tree boles, bird feathers, traces of insect feeding, and some tools used in forestry works. The centre presents information about the forest in many forms, also recalling the past in photography exhibitions.

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