Forest Districts


Hajnówka Forest District is an area of unique natural values.

There are various forms of nature, landscape and functional area conservation present within the District, with various arrangements of protective regimens, ranging from protected landscape areas, through nature reserves, natural monuments, ecological grounds, documentation sites, protection of plant and animal species, up to the Nature 2000 area.
Numerous protected species are found within the administrative range of the District:

  • 107 species of plants
  • 23 species of fungi and lichen
  • 90 species of invertebrates
  • 5 species of fish
  • 13 species of amphibians
  • 7 species of reptiles
  • 199 species of birds
  • 41 species of mammals

Hajnówka Forest District, as one of three Białowieża Forest districts, is subject to special protection and forest management, forming an exemplary promotional complex called the Forest Promotional Complex “Białowieża Forest”, which main objective is to protect resources and values of Białowieża Forest by maintaining ecological processes.

The District is divided into three sub-districts, former forest districts in 1919–1972, i.e., Hajnówka sub-district (5,920 ha), Leśna sub-district (5,869 ha) and Starzyna sub-district (7,868 ha). In 1973 they were merged into one Hajnówka Forest District, functioning to this day. The sub-districts are divided in 10 forest units in total, including a nursery and the Game Breeding Centre.

Education facilities at Hajnówka Forest District:

  • An education room in the Forest District building, with multimedia equipment, boards, and relief installations where classes or presentations for a group ofup to 40 people can be held.
  • A multimedia room in the Forest District building, with multimedia equipment, tables and chairs, where classes, workshops or presentations for a group ofup to 45 people can be held.
  • Forest Historical Alley, an education point at the District offices, consisting of 3 exhibition sheds presenting subjects associated with forestry, hunting, history of Hajnówka and forest railways.
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