Bison Ribs

An initiator of this trail was Jacek Wysmułek, a forester at Białowieża Forest District, and his wife Barbara. They created the first trail already in 1978–1981. A very peculiar name of this trail reflects the nature of the original design of the gangway, constructed of split logs placed directly on the ground. When its condition deteriorated, the gangway was modernised by Białowieża Forest District.  In the past it was used by local people to travel between Białowieża and Pogorzelce. The trail begins at the extension of Zastawa street, at the road running through Pogorzelce, Teremiski to Budy village, and ends at the Demonstration Bison Reserve. The total length of this very picturesque trail is 4 km. The path leads through various types of forests, and visitors pass between picturesque windthrows and fallen trees overgrown by various species of fungi, lichens and mosses.

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