Ground elder (Aegopodium podagraria)

  • Kwitnące Flowering
  • White
  • Pink

Carrot family (Apiaceae)


Perennial of height 50-80 cm with strong rhizome and stolons. Stem broad, hollow, grooved. Leaves triangular in cross-section: lower ones 20-30 cm long, 2 times with 3 leaflets that have long sheathlike stalks; while upper ones smaller and singly with 3 leaflets. Flowers small, white or pink in compound umbel 2-6 cm in diameter, calyx absent. Flowers Jun.-Jul.

Grows on mesic and moist, nutrient-rich, soils, in oak-lime-hornbeam and riparian forest, though especially at their edges. A problematic weed in gardens, but may be cultivated as cover-plant. Presence indicative of nitrogen-rich soils. Young stems edible. Medicinal plant.


Descriptions devised by the team at the Independent Department of Forest Botany, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, i.e. L. Witkowska-Żuk, K. Marciszewska, W. Ciurzycki, A. Obidziński and P. Zaniewski.