Carska Tropina – (black trail) Białowieża National Park

This trail is routed through Białowieża National Park, starting at the former depot near “Kosy Most”, where a car park is located. The trails runs for 4 km southward along the Narewka river bank, over an old road constructed during the days of the Tsars. The trail does not form a loop, so you can either return the same way or walk 2 km along the Park border northwards and then turn east for ca. 1.5 km. Today it is not Tsars but all lovers of nature who can enjoy unique forest landscapes with scattered swamp meadows. On the way you can climb the observation tower from which the Forest panorama can be viewed. This observation point is excellent for all-year observations of animals living in the forest, for example, the rutting season of the red deer in autumn. Nearby there is the refuge of bisons where animals can easily observed in winter.

Route length: 4km
Estimated time: 2h