Honey education trail

To present the natural resources of Browsk Forest District in even more attractive way, a new education trail was created in 2015, this time with a sweet name and focusing on sweets - HONEY EDUCATION TRAIL. Those interested in nature and bee-keeping will find here 7 boards with information about life and habits of extraordinary insects – bees. The boards are colourful, visually attractive and provide substantial information in a witty and user-friendly way. With this form of visual presentation the knowledge is significantly easier to absorb, particularly by children and youth. We hope that by introducing educational activities on this trail we will attract the visitors and stimulate their imagination. Additional attraction should be nature games, where young visitors, and we hope that also adult explorers of the nature, can try to “think” like a bee, and at the same time will learn about the history of bee-keeping, production process of honey and other bee products, as well as bee-keepers’ work and medical properties of bee products (honey, pollen, wax, propolis and royal jelly). This educational trail is located at the forest education park “Herbarium”. The trail has an unusual form because it does not form a loop but is an educational square.

Route length: 0,08km

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