Nordic Walking Park “Białowieża” ROUTE 1 – Swamps (yellow trail)

An easy and pleasant route leading along forest paths and short stretches of tarmac. After warming up, in which exercises presented on the board may be useful, we start on our way. At the beginning, along the only stretch of the tarmac road, along which we would “march on”. We cross a small bridge with a charming view over Narewka river, and after 600 m leave the tarmac. We pass the red trail branching to the right. 100 m later we reach the forest. Here the first point for pulse measurements is located. Here we also join again the red trail, which joins our path from the south after running along a 5-km loop. We walk along an embankment, passing a riparian forest and swamps. We reach a resting point (shelter) with a board presenting new exercises. After performing them, we walk on for 1.8 km and reach the natural reserve Wysokie Bagno. After walking further 200 m we cross the wooden bridge on Narewka river. Here we can admire beauty of natural landscapes. After leaving the reserve through a narrow path we reach the point where all 4 trails of the Nordic Walking Park „Białowieża” meet. Here we also find the pulse board, with another opportunity to measure it. After marching for another 700 m along a beaten tract and then we finish our 3.6 km walk.

Route length: 3,6km
Estimated time: 0,30h

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