Nordic Walking Park “Green Country of Good Winds” ROUTE 2 – „Forest loop” (green trail)

A nearly 8 kilometres route leading along well-kept forest paths. The route starts at a car park of Browsk Forest District in Gruszki. Walking between the buildings we reach a meadow, and then Narewka river, which we cross on a bridge at 800m. Just behind the bridge there is a pulse measuring point. After the measurement we walk on and through excellent sandy roads we reach “Narewkowska Droga”. A short stretch of this forest “highway” runs along the same road as the red trail leading to swamps from Narewka After a few minutes, we take a branch left. We march along a wide sandy road for 2 kilometres. In the middle of that distance a board with exercises is installed. The descriptions accompanied by photos facilitate performance of the exercises. At the 4.7 km, we follow the signs and turn left. Further 2 kilometres of our walk present an excellent opportunity for becoming acquainted with flora and fauna of the Forest. We close the loop and turn left. After 200 m we reach the pulse measuring point, and soon we see the meadow and the bridge on Narewka river. At the 7.4 km of the route we reach the first buildings of Gruszki. We pass them and end our 7.9 km walk. In the winter this route is particularly recommended to ski runners.


Route length: 8,8km
Estimated time: 1,2h

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