Birds of Siemianówka Reservoir

The educational trail “Ptaki Zbiornika Siemianówka” runs for 4.5 km along the south shore of the reservoir created in 1977–1990, from Kruhlik village through Siemianówka to the observation point Maruszka. On the way you can climb several observation towers located on the shore. The reservoir together with the surrounding valley of Narew is one of the most important bird refuges in the north-east Poland and one of the most important stops on bird migration routes. Ornithologists from the whole Europe, regularly visiting the region of Białowieża Forest, always come to this place. Why? At least 280 bird species has been recorded here, of which 26 species are listed in the Polish Red Book of Animals.

During the breeding season about 180 species of birds nest here. The birds that can be observed here include: gadwall, common pochard, bluethroat, bearded reedling, western yellow wagtail, whooper swan, osprey or white-tailed eagle. During autumn migrations, the region of Siemianówka Reservoir is a place of night rest for thousands of cranes, and their piercing calls ring in the September air. From August to October a ringing camp, “Action Siemianówka” operates at the reservoir, and similarly as other camps in Poland, it rings the birds and collects scientific data useful for planning birds conservation strategies. During winter, Siemianówka Reservoir and Białowieża Forest region is visited by bird species from the North and the East, including rough-legged buzzard, common redpoll, Bohemian waxwing or, occasionally, the snow bunting.

Route length: 4,5km
Estimated time: 3h

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