Narewka – Masiewo – Narewka (green trail)

A 36 km long loop leading along tarmac and gravel roads from Narewka through Janowo village to Białowieża Forest, and then along forest roads (Browsk Forest District) to the former timber depot at the border of Białowieża National Park. From here you can go to an observational tower and the footpath “Carska Tropina” (1.5 km drive) or cycle further on along the cycling path to “Kosy Most” on Narewka river (a picturesque view to the valley) and further one to so-called “branch depot” (see photo below), where the green trail joins the black one. Then the trail leads on along the forest road turning alternately south and east, passing old Forest tree stands, to an educational trail through natural forest communities (the trail can only be visited on foot). The trail leads further towards Masiewo, in many places following the same route as “Wilczy Szlak” (footpath). On the way we pass a branching path leading to a glacial erratic brought by the glacier from Scandinavia (it can be reached on foot or bike – ca. 0.5 km) and further on, a timber depot and the former stop of the narrow-gauge railway. From the depot the trail leads through Głuszec wilderness with well-preserved fragments of pine and swamp pine forests. Passing Zamosze settlement (on the left) the trail crosses the border of the Białowieża National Park and reaches Masiewo, where it joins the blue trail. From Masiewo it returns along the tarmac road through Olechówka village to Narewka.


Route length: 36km
Estimated time: 6h

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