Wolf Trail (green trail)

This trail is located to the north of Białowieża Forest, runs through the grounds of Białowieża National Park from the edge of Zamosze settlement westwards behind the so-called Kosy Most. This trail is recommended to all tourists wishing to see a whole range of the Forest communities from swamp pine forest through alder swamps to broadleaved forests, using education boards spaced along the trail and describing interesting natural curiosities. This trail can be travelled on foot, bicycle, running skis or on a horseback, however, this last form should be notified to the Director of the National Park. Not without a reason this trail is called “Wolf Trail”, as traces and tracks of these predators were frequently seen here. Do not worry! Wolves do not attack humans, and you must be exceptionally lucky to meet them in the wild!

Route length: 16km
Estimated time: 5h