Bison Ribs

An initiator of this trail was Jacek Wysmułek, a forester at Białowieża Forest District, and his wife Barbara who crated this trail in 1978–1981. They also created the Royal Oaks Trail, securing for themselves a prominent place in the annals of Białowieża. The very name of the trail catches attention, and it was inspired by the first structure of the gangway constructed of split logs. When its condition deteriorated, the gangway was modernised by Białowieża Forest District.  This education trail was one of the first created in this area. In the past it was used by local people to travel between villages. It is located at the extension of Zastawa Street, at the road leading to Budy village. The total length of this very picturesque trail is 4 km. A visitor can explore a beautiful area presenting the local forest; with additional charm of the unique swamp area, pleasant to the eye at any time of the year.

A car park is prepared near the trail.

Route length: 2,7km

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