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The region of Białowieża Forest is a place where many cultures meet and intertwine, creating a fascinating braid of the regional heritage, combining together the strands of folklore, rituals and the memory of our ancestors. A special climate developed in this region that has been shared by different nationalities for many centuries. Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian cultures created a unique composition, distinguished by its old customs and celebrations, as well as a local dialect. In the very heart of the Forest, due to the inhabitants’ efforts, echoes of the Podlasie folklore are still joyfully ringing amongst the trees. We would like to invite visitors searching for traces of the culture of our region to Regional Chambers, presenting interiors of the historical Podlasie huts, objects of everyday use and handicraft.

Regional Chambers at agritourism farms:

  • Bora Zdrój in Lewków Nowy:
    • Orthodox Podlasie Gallery -  photographs of icons and Orthodox Churches from Podlasie, information about symbolism of the cross, written icons, healing power of holy waters.
    • Forest Gallery - models of animals in their natural forest environment, with descriptions.
    • Hospitable Forest - thematic boards about animals, birds, fungi and fish.
    • Our Heritage - exhibition of tools and machines used in the past, workshops: manual wood cutting, hand-grinding of grain with quern-stones, flailing, butter churning, carpet weaving, searching for water with a rod.
  • Dwór Bartnika in Narewka- bee-keeping museum
  • Melisa in Planta – Family museum
  • At the forest edge in Zabłotczyzna – exhibited old farming tools,
  • Suszczy Borek in Suszczy Borek – museum of bread, presentations of bread baking in a bread oven, harvest
  • Żubrowa Ostoja in Słobódka – a forge from 1930s
  • U Ireny in Lewków Stary – weaving workshops



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