Smithery and Locksmith Museum

The Smithery and Locksmith Museum invites everybody, adults and children, for blacksmith classes. Our Museum is the only place in the region where you can become acquainted with blacksmith techniques and try to forge a horseshoe. The presented exhibits, mainly coming from the family collection, reflect the spirit of times long gone. A visit to the Museum is also an excellent lesson in craft history – as it exhibits blacksmith tools, ironworks, and artistic ironworks, and in the back of the old forge there is a miniature ancient smelting site presenting a process of iron smelting. A visit to a family forge managed by a cordial owner is a must! A guestbook maintained by the museum owner forms a special map, not only of Poland, but of the world. Horseshoes forged at Mr Mierzwiński’s museum bring luck to their owners in Finland, the U.S., or even Africa. The Smithery and Locksmith Museum – a unique lesson in history presented by a pleasant host and garnished with a pinch of humour.


Smithery and Locksmith Museum
3 Maja (Street corner of Lipowa),
Phone: +48 85 682 25 64
Mobile: +48 601 073 775

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