Palace Park

The Palace Park in Białowieża was established at the turn of the 19th century around the hunting lodge of Tsars of Russia. The palace, being the main facility of the lodge, burned down in 1944. Only a so-called kitchen gate remained. However, a complex of palace buildings has been preserved to this day. The Park of ca. 50 ha was designed in the English style by a famous landscape architect, Walerian Kornenberg. The oldest building in Białowieża, a wooden manor from 1845, stands in the Park grounds. The oldest heritage monument in Białowieża, a sandstone obelisk commemorating hunt held by Augustus III of Poland in 1752 stands on a dyke separating two ponds. A group of pedunculate oak trees of over 250 years of age grows on the palace hill. The Palace Park is protected as a heritage park complex. It is a charming place for walks, where the atmosphere of the old times can sometimes be experienced, even today. The offices of Białowieża National Park, the Nature and Forest Museum, and comfortable lodgings of Białowieża National Park are all located in the Park grounds.


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