12. Belarusian ethnographic festival “Kultura na schodach Muzeum” (Culture on the Museum stairs) – June 5, 2016; June 4, 2017

The festival stage hosts performances of Belarusian groups: children, youth and ensembles from Poland and Belarus, and of folk and folk-rock groups. Craft and arts workshops, sampling of traditional food, and presentations of crafts are held at stands scattered all over the square around the museum. It is an opportunity to learn weaving on a loom, weaving straw or wicker, wood carving, pottery, and many other crafts. During the previous editions, the festival stage saw performances of such great groups as: STARY OLSA, NARVA, LIĆWINSKI CHMIEL, CZEREMSZYNA, PAŁAC, RELIKT, WZ ORKIESTRA or HURMA.