Białowieża National Park


The beginnings of the Park can be traced back to 1921, when a special administrative unit called “Reserve” was established, covering a part of the today’s area of the Park. In 1932 this unit was transformed into “The National Park in Białowieża”. In 1947 the park was re-established as Białowieża National Park, and it has been operating under this name to this day. An exceptional aspect of Białowieża National Park is the fact that the same area has been strictly protected for over 90 years. This enabled observations and studies on natural changes occurring in forest complexes unaffected by human management.

Due to its unique natural values, in 1977 Białowieża National Park was inscribed by UNESCO on the list of biosphere reserves. In 1979 it named the first and the only in Poland Natural Site in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and in 1992 a transboundary World Heritage Site was created by adding a significant part of Białowieża Forest on the Belarusian side. In 2014 the World Heritage Committee, following an application of Polish and Belarusian governments, decided to expand the status of the world heritage, this time to cover nearly the whole Polish part of Białowieża Forest. In the list this site is called Białowieża Forest.


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