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Places to See

Places to See

Białowieża Forest is beautiful and unique. There are many interesting, often unknown places within its borders. In this region different nations and their cultures mixed, as a consequence of migrations of Mazowsze and Ruthenian people. Here Mazovian dialect mixes with Belarusian and Ukrainian ones; additionally, some the names of wilderness areas in the Forest are not Slavic but reach back to Yotvingians culture.

Sacral buildings are a characteristic feature in the cultural landscape of this region. The oldest Orthodox churches are from the 17th century, some of them represent the traditional style, while others are modern, yet with a traditional canon preserved. During the stay in Białowieża Forest, it is worth to visit the Holy Trinity Church in Hajnówka and the Church of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker in Białowieża to see a porcelain iconostasis.

Below we present attractive locations worth visiting during holiday travels or weekend breaks.

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