12. Viktor Volkov memorial All-Poland Photography Competition PODLASIE W OBIEKTYWIE 2016 (CAPTURING PODLASIE) post-competition, December 2016

The subject of this competition is PODLASIE, with its architecture, nature, people, and intrinsic cultural mosaic. To this day, members of jury were late Viktor Volkov, Bożena and Jan Walencik,Tomasz Kłosowski, Marek Dolecki, Robert Nofikow, Tadeusz Żaczek, Paweł Grześ, Piotr Nesterowicz, Janusz Korbel and Jarosław Chyra. The competition offers an opportunity for creative confrontation of perceptions of Podlasie as seen by photographers from this region and from other parts of Poland. Usually, about 50–90 participants from Podlaskie Voivodeship, the rest of Poland, and from Belarus submit their works.

Applications were received from April to October 30, 2016.