Belarusian and Polish rock concerts – “Muzyka bez zastrzeżeń/Muzyka biez zaściaroh” (Music without reservations) (2 concerts) – October 14, 2016, November 18, 2016

This is already the eighth edition of unique rock concerts. Groups from Poland and Belarus, playing good rock music in Polish and in Belarusian, perform on a stage in Mozaikarnia at the Museum and Cultural Centre of Belarusian Culture. Traditionally, our message is: “AGAINST INTOLERANCE” – “AGAINST XENOPHOBIA” – “AGAINST PREJUDICES” – “MUSIC WITHOUT RESERVATIONS”!!! Throughout the years, the action “Music without reservations” was joined by various bands including: RIMA, ZERO 85, BORYS BEZUHOV, 5SET5, ILO & FRIENDS, VERITAS, BŁĘKITNY NOSOROŻEC, LONDYN 70, KUBA ROZPRUWACZ, KACKILLER, SILLENT HILL, ORSHAK, INDIGA (Belarus), DALI (Belarus) or RE1IKT (Belarus), ŚCIANA (Belarus), DZIECIUKI (Belarus), ELSKTONE, BANG BANG, or OSTROV.

The audience consists of Polish and Belarusian people, for whom rock music is important, and who do not have any prejudices concerning language in which it is performed. The event contributes to development of the Belarusian youth rock scene in Poland, eliminates stereotypes between cultures and facilitates integration of Polish and Belarusian youth.