Literary sessions within the series “Cyrylicą pisane” (Inscribed with Cyrillic), January–December 2016, 2017

Apart from museum activities, the library is one of the most important areas in our Association. It is possibly the oldest library of Belarusian literature in Poland, holding a collection of nearly 11 thousands volumes. Our collection is used mainly by young people studying Belarusian language in Podlaskie Voivodeship (Hajnówka, Białystok, Bielsk Podlaski), but also by young people from all over Poland (Warsaw, Lublin, Wrocław). Apart from Belarusian fiction for adults and children, the library collection also includes books on history, geography, ethnography, religion, Belarusian art, Orthodox Church, and other subjects. The library offers the rich collection of books and the reading room, and also collects historical documents, magazines, photographs, and documentary films of Belarusian artists about the Belarusian minority in Poland, rituals, customs and traditions.

It also organises meetings with Belarusian authors, poets, and publishers within the series “Cyrylicą pisane”. Recently published books are presented. Guests of those meetings included: Anna Radziukiewicz, Michał Bołtryk, Doroteusz Fionik, Jan Maksymiuk, Wiesław Rozbicki, Helena Głogowska, Ales Kamocki, Aleh Latyshonak, Vital Voranau, and many others.