Hajnówka – Narewka “Partisan combat trail” (red trail)

It is an excellent place for staring trips in Białowieża Forest. The trail starts in Hajnówka, and runs through the nature reserves: “Lipiny” and “Szczekotowo”. The natural reserve “Lipiny” was created to maintain the only site of the sessile oak in the Forest. The mysterious reserve “Szczekotkowo” protect old Slavic mound cemeteries from the 10th to 13th century. An interesting site located on this route is an Orthodox Chapel with a holy spring, known as “Krynoczka”. In 1999, 150th anniversary of the chapel was celebrated. Travelling further on along Lipiński Trakt we reach the village of Świnoroje with a camp site and the educational trail “Pod Dębami” (Under Oaks) of the Forest Promotional Complex “Woods of Białowieża Forest”. The trail ends in Narewka.

Prepared by Białowieża Commune Office.

Route length: 22km
Estimated time: 7h