Trail to the Power Point (black trail)

The trail leading to the Power Point runs along for 2.5 km from a car park near the railway tract connecting Białowieża with Hajnówka. It leads through a fragment of the forest where trees grow in an atypical way, with several trunks of the same species growing from one root. Dozens of different trees grow in this form here. An interesting thing is a presence of several trees of pear and hawthorn here. The legend says that the “Power Point” is an ancient sacred place of prehistoric Slavic people. Some say that the earth here covers a ring of stones formed by enormous monoliths, similar to those found in Stonehenge, with a strong source of energy, a chakra, underneath. More sensitive people feel positive energy here, some cannot spend here more than just several minutes, while others do not feel anything apart from awareness that they are in a special place.

Route length: 5,5km