Bird of Prey

The education trail “Skrzydlaty Drapieżca” was created for nature lovers who want to observe one of the largest Polish eagles – the lesser spotted eagle. The trail starts at Droga Narewkowska and makes a loop of 2.8 km. It is here, in the valley of Łutownia river where an observation shelter was constructed, ideal for hiding with binoculars and waiting for appearance of this bird of prey.

The lesser spotted eagle is a bird who does not like boredom. It spends the breeding season in our country where it lives in the forest nesting amongst the trees, while it spends the winter in Africa.  A difficult to spot nests of the lesser spotted eagle are surrounded by protection zones to reduce to minimum a risk of scaring the nesting couple. The lesser spotted eagle likes to hunt in the open space, on river meadows, in the past regularly mowed by local people for farming purposes. Today this bird faces a great problem. Farmers do not mow the river meadows any more, as they used to do. The meadows are overgrown with high plants and the eagle cannot spot its prey efficiently. To ensure conservation of this species, using the EU funds many hectares of river meadows in the Białowieża Forest were restored to the condition ensuring the lesser spotted eagle can freely hunt, while the man can watch it discretely and enjoy the presence of this majestic eagle.

Route length: 2,8km

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