Białowieża – Siemianówka (blue trail)

The trail leads past by the open-air museum of the Białowieża Forest area villages, up to the Pogorzelce village, where wooden architecture of a historical Podlasie village was preserved. Then it runs through Stara Białowieża wilderness (where the educational trail, “Szlak Dębów Królewskich i Książąt Litewskich” (Royal and Grand Dukes Oaks Trail) is located). Then it leads through Gruszki and Babia Góra (with an observation tower), and ends in Siemianówka, where the Saint George the Conqueror Orthodox Church from 18th century is located. What is interesting, the village is located below the water level of Siemianówka Reservoir, and is protected with a floodbank against flooding.

Prepared by Białowieża Commune Office.

Route length: 41km

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