Nordic Walking Park “Białowieża” ROUTE 3 – Reconnaissance tour in Białowieża (red trail)

8.9 km long trail marked red. In some areas it runs along the same route as the yellow trail. For first 3 kilometres the trail runs along a tarmac road. After crossing a bridge on Narewka river we turn right. Here we see buildings of a train station. It is a former cargo station “Białowieża Towarowa”. The historic, meticulously restored buildings are an excellent lesson about Białowieża history. We move on and cross the railway tract (with warning signs – Beware of handcars!) and reach buildings of Podolany – a Białowieża hamlet. Walking along a pavement between buildings we reach a crossing. We turn left and after 900 m the tarmac ends. We will walk along “Jagiellonka”, a road of a very good quality, for nearly one kilometre more. We reach the pulse measuring point. Walking straight on, after ca. 200 m we would reach the Forest Education Centre “Jagiellońskie”. However, we turn left and walk along an embankment, where a forest railway run in the past. This part of the route is more difficult. At its 6 km the route leaves the forest. On the left we see in a distance buildings of the former cargo station “Białowieża Towarowa”. We turn right and march on along the yellow trail, which markings will accompany us to the end of our walk. We reach a board with exercises, installed near a shelter. After performing them, we enter the natural reserve Wysokie Bagno, where we cross the wooden bridge on Narewka river and then reach the point where all routes meet. Just 700 m more, and we close the 8.9 km long loop.

Route length: 8,9km
Estimated time: 1,3h