Bora Zdrój

Agritourism farm Bora Zdrój in Lewków Nowy would like to invite you to visit a gallery and an open-air museum at our farm:

  • ORTHODOX PODLASIE Gallery – photographs of icons and Orthodox Churches from Podlasie, information about symbolism of the cross, bell chimes, written icons, healing power of holy waters,
  • FOREST GALLERY – models of animals in their natural forest environment, with descriptions,
  • HOSPITABLE FOREST – thematic boards about animals, birds, fungi and fish,
  • OUR HERITAGE (open-air museum) – exhibition of tools and machines used in the past, lifting large logs with a log hauler, hand-grinding of grain with quern-stones, flailing, carpet weaving, searching for water with a rod, presentation of various methods for drilling
  • BREAD MUSEUM- a story of bread baking, from grain to baking, shown in photographs, together with machines and objects (possibility to grind flour personally)


We organise the following workshops:

  • Bread baking, 4 hours, PLN 15/person
  • Baking of yeast-raised rolls, 3 hours, PLN 10/person
  • Wood burning (pyrography) 2–3 hours, PLN 7/person

Note: The specified prices are for information purposes only. The actual cost depends on a number of participants and other selected activities - to be arranged.


Lewkowo Nowe 93

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