In 1941–1943, at the gravel workings near the Forestry Education Centre “Jagiellońskie” the Nazis executed 486 Polish, Belarusian, Russian and Jewish people brought there from Białowieża area.

On August 9, 1941, the Nazis carried out deportation of Jewish people from Białowieża, at that time inhabited by 550 people of that nationality. All their property was confiscated, and they were left with hand luggage only. The displaced people were gathered in the Palace Park.

Women, children and elder men were transported to Prużany. Boys over 16 years and men under 45 years were detained in Białowieża. Next day Germans transported them to the gravel workings in the former Jagiellońskie Forest Districts, where they were shot by the fire squad. Currently, this location is within administrative borders of Białowieża Forest District.

When the ghetto in Prużany was liquidated, Jews deported from Białowieża were transported to Treblinka extermination camp, where they died.

The place where they were murdered is marked by a wooden monument of the eagle, and a symbolic ecumenical grave with a Catholic and an Orthodox cross.