Visa-free traffic

Visa-free traffic at the border crossing Białowieża – Piererow


From June 12, 2015, under the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 09 March 2015 No. 115, tourists can visit Belarusian National Park “Białowieża Forest” without a visa.


The visa-free traffic is only possible at the International Road Border Crossing Białowieża – Piererow, on foot or a bicycle.

To enter and leave the Republic of Belarus and to stay at the Belarusian National Park “Białowieża Forest” without a visa, the following is required:

  1. passport,
  2. insurance that can be purchased in Białowieża in: Hotel Żubrówka, Hotel Białowieski, PTTK tourist office and in Hajnówka at Premium Ubezpieczenia Ewa Jałoza. The cost of the insurance is PLN 8 per person for a stay of up to 3 days.
    (Note! Basic insurance does not cover chronic diseases. People suffering with, for example, diabetes, should consider purchasing an additional insurance because in the event of disease recurrence the will have to cover costs of possible hospitalisation themselves.)
  3. A document granting to foreigners a right to stay can be obtained in two ways:
    1. through a tourist agency organising trips to the Forest on the Belarusian side
    2. or by registering themselves at the Belarusian Park website ( and completing the application. All relevant fields in the registration questionnaire should be completed. During the registration, select a programme of the trip (the basis package covers two services). The tourist will receive a pass to the provided e-mail address within several hours of submitting the form. The pass should be printed, possibly in two copies, and kept on-person.
      (Note! Details in the form should conform to information provided in the passport – when there are any differences, e.g., a typo or when the second name is not entered in the form while it is provided in the passport, the applicant will be refused entry to the Park).


Additional information:

  1. The tourist must leave the territory of the Republic of Belarus no later than within 3 days of entry. When the territory of the Republic of Belarus is not left within the specified deadline for reasons beyond the foreigner control, they should report at the administration of the National Park “Białowieża Forest” to receive a written confirmation of circumstances preventing their punctual departure.
  2. When the document authorizing to cross the RB border is lost during the stay at the National Park “Białowieża Forest”, the tourist should report at the administration of the National Park.
  3. An information point has been organised at the border. Additionally, coaches transporting tourists between Kamieniuki and the State Border will be provided (a course from the State Border to Kamieniuki: 11.00 and 18.30 / a course from Kamieniuki to the State Border: 10.30 and 18.00)
  4. All fees and costs associated with a stay in Belarus (payment for a coach, bike rental, payment for ordered services, etc.) can be transferred through the PayPal system. Furthermore, a payment terminal was also installed at the border. The terminals are also available at tourist facilities located in the Park. Payments can also be made in cash, but in Belarusian currency only. There are two foreign exchange points in the Park.
  5. The visa-free traffic is limited to the National Park, along the tourist trails (cycling, footpaths or other) designated by the Park administration, marked with information boards, signs or in any other way.
  6. The borders of the visa-free area are marked with the following sign:

16.09.02 wiza


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