Serin (Serinus serinus)

  • Rodzina: Pozostałe Other
  • Gdzie widziałeś: Polana Glade, meadow
  • Gdzie widziałeś: Wieś Village
  • Rozmiar: Wielkości wróbla i mniejszy of the sparrow or smaller
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Yellow
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Body length: 11-12 cm
Body mass: 13-14 g
Male: dark-streaked olive-coloured back, bright yellow patch beyond bill extending around cheeks to breast, underparts white with dark streaks, rump pale yellow, tail dark.
Female: dark-streaked olive back, greyish head, yellowish breast, white belly with dark streaks, yellow rump and dark tail.
Juveniles: resemble females, but lacking yellow colouration.

This small finch only appeared in Poland in mid-19th century, reaching east as late as 20th. Now present nationwide, though nowhere very common. Inhabits forest edges, gardens and parks, where it builds a small nest finished off very exactingly. Nests usually on branches of spruce or larch, or high up in crowns of broadleaved trees. 2 broods per year possible. Feeds on weed seeds. The serin is a close relative of the canary, which it resembles in being exceptionally sensitive to air pollution. Migrates in small family flocks, wintering around Mediterranean, and hence original homeland of species.


Descriptions drawing on content of Ptaki Polski (“Birds of Poland”) - a book authored by Andrzej G. Kruszewicz, and published by MULTICO Oficyna Wydawnicza Sp. z o.o.

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