Buzzard (Buteo buteo)

  • Rodzina: Szponiaste Raptors
  • Gdzie widziałeś: Las Forest
  • Gdzie widziałeś: Polana Glade, meadow
  • Gdzie widziałeś: Wieś Village
  • Rozmiar: Większy od wrony larger than the crow
  • Grey
  • Brown
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Body length: 50-60cm
Wingspan: 120-140 cm
Body mass: 600-1200 g (females larger than males)
Appearance: somewhat squat and solid build. In flight, pale underwing patches contrast with dark feather-tips, though much of wing barred, as is grey-coloured fan tail. However, plumage may be very variable.

Poland’s most abundant bird of prey. Builds large nest lined with branches from conifer trees. Mainly eats rodents and rabbits, though also reptiles, amphibians and carrion. Often perches on telephone poles, looking for prey. Our buzzards winter in southern and western Europe, while Poland becomes home to individuals from further east and north.


Descriptions drawing on content of Ptaki Polski (“Birds of Poland”) - a book authored by Andrzej G. Kruszewicz, and published by MULTICO Oficyna Wydawnicza Sp. z o.o.

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